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Holy Martyrs of England & Wales Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic community of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter serving Southwest Riverside County, California. The Mass is offered according to Divine Worship: The Missal, the Ordinariate Form of the Roman Rite. As a community of the Ordinariate, we participate locally in the larger mission of the Universal Church in the salvation of souls. Our unique contribution to this goal is through our Anglican patrimony, the liturgical, musical, intellectual, and cultural expression of the Catholic faith expressed through the English Catholic tradition. We are particularly missionary-minded and exist to unite non-Catholics with Holy Mother Church, and to help Catholics continue together with us in our own continual conversions.

All Catholics in communion with the See of St. Peter are welcome to receive communion with us if in a state of grace. All others are encouraged to attend our masses and to come forward to receive a priestly blessing and to speak with a priest or deacon about receiving communion as soon as possible.

Ut omnes unum sint | Extra ecclesiam nulla salus

The painting by Daphne Pollen (1904-86) commissioned for the 1970 canonization of the forty martyrs of England and Wales.




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Ordinariate Form of the Roman Rite

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Apostolic Constitution from Pope Benedict XVI that establishes the Personal Ordinariates in addition to its Complementary Norms

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Who were the holy martyrs of England and Wales for which our parish is named?

40 Martyrs (Saints) ▸
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